Starting an online thrift store has always been a dream of mine, and if you know me so well…this won’t come as a surprise. Having started this business and still going to work had me wondering if I could handle it all as well as this blog.

Time is always of the essence, I was reading The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and one of the chapters talked about managing time well. We tend to always say there is no time to do other things, but do we really not have time or we just fail to plan properly and give so much time to stuff that is not really important. I am currently on my lunch break and I decided to make it time to do this blog post.

So a lot of people ask me what running a thrift store is like and what are the difficult things about it. Today I am sharing a few of those……

  1. Letting it go!

Because I am a fashion blogger, I naturally love clothes. You will not believe me, but it has taken me a whole year to get self-discipline for letting things go! I always see stuff that’s my size and I tend to buy it on impulse because I want all the nice stuff for myself. It came to a point last year when I realized I simply had too much!

I mean, I did not even know where to put it all, I have now started letting other things go and building my self- discipline, along with a capsule wardrobe.

2. Quality Checks

So if you have been to a thrift market, you will know that there will be a lot of people and you just want to get out there asap. Only problem is you need to actually take time and inspect each item. Looking if an item is not worn out in hidden places and if there are no holes etc. This actually takes time and sometimes you don’t actually notice and end up with stuff that isn’t such great quality.


All of that does not take away the fun I always take out of it. When I see people wear stuff from my collection, oh man, it’s just so fulfilling! Half the time I am always like “Oh wow, so I can actually do this??” Doing what you love never gets old.

The other aspect is the styling of my set when I do photoshoots! I remember pinning items on my Pinterest boards, and now I get to actually create my dreams.

Running a business is actually not easy, you always need to refocus every now and then, and a support system is so necessary. I won’t lie, my clients keep me on my toes, they always order something that I actually don’t have in stock, and I just have to get up and deliver. This business has just taught me to always SHOW UP!

The truth is you need to be a person that sticks to their word, ALWAYS!

I am so grateful I get to do 2 of my passions, I get to write and do fashion and at the same time follow a career that I want to really nurture. I do feel like I have let my blog take sort of a back seat because I felt I had no time and all that. Today was a moment I realized that I created this platform not just for myself but for others that want to read and inspired by the style.

If you have a couple of passions, have you managed to stay consistent with them all?

Let’s share and help each other nurture our passions.

All items worn in this post are from

So Much Love….


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