When I was in high school I loved baking. I would whip up about 3 or 4 cakes in a week. My cousins and close friends knew me for my lovely cakes. It was a skill that I nurtured from a young age and I became very good at it. I taught myself a skill in my mother’s kitchen, I could whip up the best cakes, muffins, and biscuits. So empowering!

In my transition to university, I baked less and after a life-changing encounter, I just stopped altogether. Over time I even forgot it was something that I could do from scratch without even a pre-mix. When I moved back home last year, my family kept asking for cakes and I just could not understand what it was all about.

I got reminded that baking was something that I loved, even my grandmother would tell people that her youngest grandchild always sent cake once a month and made it special for her birthday. It was such a bittersweet moment…..I used to be so good at it. But now I did not even have the confidence or even a recipe book.

Last week I decided to give it a try. My comeback was going to be banana bread, a classic, a favourite of mine and it was going to be so easy! I mean….it was Banana Bread.

First of all, I did not even remember what an OZ was. I looked at the recipe so long I almost packed everything back into the cupboard. Had to ask my niece for help and I finally got to it. Took me quite a while but I did everything to the book, greased my tin and popped my mixture into the oven.

It was a flop.

The banana bread rose in the oven and it was promising, but after some time it just became flat. It came out like this flat little bread that was just….not great. A part of me was embarrassed because my family was excited about it. I had no idea it would crush my spirit like that.

I, later on, came to terms with the fact that I stopped baking because it reminded me of something painful in my past. But I am not in my past anymore and if I was good at it surely I can do well again.

So, this week I will give it another try and bake. It will come out really well and I will let you guys know about it.

What I am trying to say is: It’s okay if it doesn’t work on the 1st try. You can be strong enough to give it another go, and another after that until you get it right!

If you have decided to pick up an old craft, keep at it. You can do it, keep trying.

So Much Love…


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