I have recently stepped up my makeup game and working on perfecting my skills. When it comes to eyeshadow, it has been a tricky area, picking 4 colors, blending them so that the finished look is seamless, wow…a lot.

Seems like the one color thing works.

Recently I have been experimenting with my Jacque Mgido palette! Amazing colors and so well pigmented for my skin, she had us in mind when she made that set hey.

I have enjoyed swiping one color on my lid, especially a bright one and just letting that be the highlight of my makeup look. The pink is a favorite of mine, I just make sure I blend it really well on the lid and apply a bit on the bottom as well.

The single color eyeshadow thing has been a trend for quite a minute and it just looks so creative in magazine editorials. It’s also perfect for the lazy girl or a beginner like me in the eye game. The single-color look is pretty cool for summer, party looks or a pop of color in a dull winter season. Whatever the fun occasion it wins.

So out of 10, how did your girl do with the makeup?

Now is a pretty good time to try out those makeup looks and when this is all over, we will be so bomb at different looks 🙂

Let me know what you will be experimenting with when it comes to makeup during this Lockdown…

So Much Love…


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