Listen, I will be honest enough and say….there is never a point and time in my life where I saw nice clothes and thought “Hmmm that would be nice for me to wear and chill at home in!”, never! I probably heard about the loungewear concept from my eldest sister only last year. Being home simply meant wearing your not so favourite clothes to me, until the Corona hit and I had to live and work from home.

For those that do not know, loungewear is casual, comfortable clothing suitable for wearing at home. It was all great when I had to figure out my wardrobe for work, but now I have a new dilemma……turns out I have less than 3 slouchy T-shirts, comfy rompers and decent home clothes to make it through even 1 week. As a result….I find myself in jeans because the girl has just run out of decent clothes!

I have just realized that you definitely need some nice items to wear at home. Every day, my aunt asks me “So you spent the whole day looking like this??” And personally , I understand her concern. Chaos is an understatement if we are being honest about how I dress these days. As a result, I do not participate in Zoom meetings that require video…I mean that would just be off-brand. LOL

At this point, I wish I had listened to my sister when she said to invest in loungewear, this could have been a whole different story. I just cannot be in an office shirt that involves some effort just to lounge at home.

So now that I have acknowledged the issue at hand, I now want to take the necessary steps to improve. Whenever they let us out, I will be working on my loungewear collection. At least 5 looks, that will be good for a start, ranging from cute to real comfy.

If all goes well, I might even launch a collection for loungewear because I know 100% that I am not the only one struggling, sis!

This Corona is teaching us a lot hey, what has the lockdown taught you so far? Do you have loungewear??

So Much Love…


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