The other week I put together a post talking about whether you needed another winter shopping trip, we looked at the reasons why you might be that girl that’s always chasing winter trends and stay on them winter clearance sales for the next season. I hope that gave us some time to think about our spending patterns as well as our style preferences. In this blog post, I will be sharing the 5 essential items that you would need in your closet to create outfits from. Okay??


The Winter Coat

You definitely need a coat that just says “I know what I am doing!”. I personally am into the perfect fit ones that don’t look wobbly on my body and they just complement my look or sometimes even be the main item. Its important to have a go-to coat that goes with a majority of the colors in your closet. You can never really go wrong with black, grey or a camel type of coat, versatile and really…timeless.

A Good Quality Pair of Boots

I don’t know about you, but here in Zimbabwe, every time there is a slight breeze in the morning even in summer, the CBD will be full of people wearing their winter boots! LOL I mean people are always ready to pull their big guns out whenever they feel the need! Funny, but actually really good.

The buckle detail sold this boot for me!

For the winter seasons, you do need a good pair of boots. I am a fan of leather so I personally have a brown leather pair. It’s not a secret that boots are warm and also fashionable. When it comes to this item, you need to be aware of your style and capabilities. For a timeless classic that you would like to have for years and get full wear, you need to know if you’re are a heels person, or not! If you aren’t, then you know that you need an everyday boot that isn’t a high heel! Just make sure the quality is top-notch.

Polo necks

Neutral colors work really well if you want an expensive look.

This closet item is really the girl who she thinks she is. Depending on the quality, it can be the ultimate classy item in your closet. These work well for people like me who try by all means to avoid the cold. I know some people are not fans of the wool type, but the good thing is they come in other fabrics too even the stretchy ones.

A Leather Jacket

I am sure everyone has had one or wanted one at some point! For those days when you don’t really want to overdo it with the coat, you can just pull out the biker jacket! What I love about these is that they can instantly transform a look into a statement, which is pretty cool. A real leather piece might be quite expensive and so it would be best to buy good quality ones that do not shed off after a season. You can also wear the biker/ leather jacket offseason, with dresses or other items in the closet.

There are a whole lot of other items that you can add to your closet depending on your needs and aesthetic, but I just thought to share the big items that could really need a bit more money to buy if they are going to last long!

Which other item do you recommend to be added to this list? Keen to hear your thoughts in the comment section below, do share.

So Much Love…


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  1. I am not a leather jacket fan but definitely need the coat, polo neck and boots. If you know any good brands selling them please share their details.

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