We have been exploring the wardrobe and that’s been quite interesting for me. I am also realizing that it’s the type of content that I like sharing with my community- which consists of you reading this blog post. Today, we are talking shoes and I am sharing essentials that you need for your closet.

So I will say, every time I meet someone, the first thing I look at is their shoes, I am not sure if it’s because I generally love shoes or if anyone else does that. I believe shoes make a strong statement, says a lot about your style, etc. I am probably one of those people who have lots of shoes and I am slowly finding my style, which as you might guess….very expensive.

Now that we know about my shoe taste….let’s get into the types

1. The Comfy Sneaker

I am also quite a fan of chunky sneakers.

I do a lot of walking when I am at work and just going about my personal business. There are some days that you either have to get a lot of activity done or you just don’t really want to dress up & a nice pair of sneakers does the job. My recommendation would be to invest in a pair that is versatile and of good quality to last you quite long.

2. The Fashion Boot

Occasionally I wear boots, not because its cold or anything, but just to create a bomb outfit. I obviously make sure that I have the usual pair of boots for my everyday simple look, but every other year I purchase a stylish one which I wear during and after the season. As you might guess, animal/ snake print is a favourite of mine and it just elevates a look without putting in much effort.

3. The Stiletto

When it comes to high heels, I usually buy a pair that is versatile. I can wear it for a meeting when I go out on a date with my man or just a girls’ night out. Every now and then, you need to step up your look and look all put together, sis.

4. Cute Sandal

There are times you just want to effortlessly look cute, enjoy summer and showcase that cute manicure. I am such a fan of classy sandals that can work for a dress-up look & I have several pairs that I just switch up. Currently, I am working with a color palette which is in the browns and nudes, each sandal is in that range and perfectly compliments my clothes which are in the same color category.

5. The comfy slide

Listen, there is nothing as having to put on a pair of secret socks and some sneakers on a day you just want to look chilled and run some errands. At the same time, you don’t want to be out there wearing worn-out flip flops with your cute oversized t-shirt and cycling shorts. It’s necessary to just have nice slides that you can wear outside the yard & actually go places.

I got these images from Pinterest and each shoe I posted resonates with my own personal style and taste. If you are reading this and also want to build your shoe rack, you don’t have to go for these exact styles, but they can be to your personal style. For example, chunky sneakers might not be your thing, but you can always buy a style that suits you best.

Let me know what you think of these essentials and where you usually buy your shoes.

So Much Love….


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