It’s 00:05 and I am currently listening to a podcast. At the same time I just felt an urge to visit my blog and write.

So I know a lot of you guys have been wondering where I have been and why there have’nt been any new posts on this page. The truth is life just happened. We are all going through this panini and focus sometimes changes. If you are reading this I am grateful for you and your time.

Long story short, I have been going back and forth about whether I still want to blog. For those that have been around throughout my journey, you would know that I started because I wanted a space to share my style and just basically improve my writing skills. My understanding of style has evolved over the years, I have come to love sustainable fashion, I am more comfortable in my body and girl I been rocking them kitten heels!

As a woman I have also grown, some of my interests have also changed, focus keeps evolving and I now want to focus on giving value to my audience. I do not only want to be about fashion. I want to advocate for sustainable fashion, mental wellness, body confidence, balanced living and basically living with intention.

Vintage denim has become a specialty of mine

Cutting the long story short, I would now like to use this platform for more than just fashion but as a space for women to be their authentic selves and navigate through life, just like this blog was there when I was still in university.

Growth is necessary and beautiful.

I will be sharing my adventures, timelesss pieces in my closet, some gems I have learnt along the way and some of my travel experiences & I hope it will be of benefit to you all.

Thank you for the amazing support to all those that have been reading from the beginning and those that came along the way. Here is to growth and experiencing life to the fullest.

So Much Love…


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