Now before we go on and on about the price I am just going to say YOLO!

For years, I have heard people talk about Tony’s coffee shop in the Vumba, how the cakes are out of this world and to die for. I had budgeted $5 for a slice of cake, I mean that’s the range we all know for cake. Thank God I had carried extra because I wanted something to drink with as well.

First things first, the place looked so lovely, calm, and very welcoming. Tony the owner was there welcoming people and making sure we were comfortable. I loved how he would explain each cake on the menu and the processes, made me want to try out all the cakes on there, but hey… I could only do one.

I settled for the chocolate cake with some fresh mango and some tequila! Yes, tequila haha! I promise you guys, that was the best cake slice I have ever had in my life. Hands down and I don’t regret it one bit.

That slice……wow!

My friends were a bit shocked at the pricing, but in the end, we realized that there is always a niche for each business. The place is always packed and people are forever raving about the place, the owner, and the cakes they eat there.

What I am trying to say is that, don’t ever under-value yourself, your business, or what you offer! There will always be a target audience and if your offerings are of great quality, people wont struggle with letting go of their money to access what you offer.

The coffee shop has lots of cute spots for those who love photos!

Secondly, allow yourself to enjoy the finer things in life. Buy that expensive dress, have that expensive cake slice, you deserve it. If anything, the panini (pronounced Pandemic) has taught us to LIVE in the moment and live to the fullest too.

I will have you guys know that the next time I’m in Vumba I am definitely paying Tony another visit and I am doing 2 slices of different cakes.

SO, have you been to the coffee shop? Oh and what are some of the lessons your learnt in 2020?

So Much Love…..


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